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Akarana 2019 AGM Documents


From Left: Evelyn Brooker (Community Development Manager), Simon Watson (Director), Lance Riesterer (Director) Charlie Haddrell (Director), John Norton (Chairperson), Rick Williams (Vice Chairperson), Cameron McGregor.

Akarana Zone Constitution

Akarana Zone Strategic Plan

The Board meets 11 times a year on the 2nd Thursday of the month.             All members are welcome to attend.


The Ākarana Zone Rugby League Inc. is a regional body of the NZ Rugby League Inc, established in 2010, with its primary purpose to promote, foster, grow and develop the sport of Rugby League throughout the central, western and North Shore suburbs of Auckland.


It represents the core interests of the NZ Rugby League and its affiliates, seeking to quantifiably “improve community outcomes through the sport of Rugby League”, across the full spectrum from "grassroots participation" through to national representative level.


Ākarana Zone RL Board is a governance body within the NZRL framework with its primary role to:


•     Work alongside existing and future rugby league entities to enable productive and sustainable clubs and communities


•    Collaborate and improve relationships with all stakeholders


•     Vigorously promote the brand of Rugby League; and the related pathways for players, officials, volunteers and club supporters


•     Encourage quality competitions through engagement with members and staff of our district league – the Auckland Rugby League Inc. (ARL)


•    Actively engage in socially responsible activity in community rugby league



Together, the Ākarana Zone and the ARL are engaged in a working relationship through the provision of information and activities to advance game participation across Auckland.


The initial confusion between Ākarana and the ARL is quickly subsiding, with constituents now fully understanding that the ARL run weekly interclub competitions across the greater Auckland region, and develop coaching and player capability, while Ākarana is charged to innovate and grow and expand community activities inside two thirds of the region’s catchment area. As well, as one of the seven zonal bodies throughout the country, Ākarana is charged to provide representative teams to the NZRL national competitions, having enjoyed considerable success in all three grades of inter-zonal competition since inception.


The Zone’s intention and desire is to build on its successes; to continue to collaborate, coordinate and facilitate successful community outcomes for rugby league stakeholders, most importantly both on and off the playing fields, including Ākarana RL Clubs, Affiliate Bodies providing service and outcomes to Rugby League, key donors and partners such as Government, Community and Private entities, and to the wider Auckland sporting public.


Ākarana’s challenge is to develop a sustainable, accessible and a quality rugby league environment through independent and community focused league clubs; and the promotion of opportunities for the wider enjoyment of rugby league in central, western and northern Auckland.


#akaranafalcons on Facebook or Instagram or send images and feedback to evelyn@nzrl.co.nz